Tuesday, June 9, 2009

I set forth on the road ahead not knowing where it may lead.

Something that sounds so poetic yet unbelievable at the same time, I am told that I am at the point in my life that I have to determine what I am suppose to do with my life? up until now it has been simple, of course I use the word "simple" extremely lightly, but simple in the sense that I go to school to get done with school to become something that the world has considered significant enough to finish and be successful with. why is that? who do we do this? Why is it that we only see fulfillment this way? I have been asking this my hole life (now lets not get over dramatic, my whole life is a bit exaggerated, but for the past 8 years at least !). If you look deeper into what is "success", I would hope you would find something more then what most would think would only be on the surface. that is a nice house a cool car a great "life" I pit quotations around that word because I feel that your life isn't what you have but how you can use what you are given. i am saying this because this is how I want to lead my life, not necessarily how it has gone in the past or is still going. You get cought up in the hype of things, and I hate it. we change the channel whenever we see something that is tough to watch, so that we can sit and wish we were that person on MTV with those sick cars and ginormous house. I am lost, when I think how to change my ways though. How to actually do what I say we all should feel. That little saying that you have heard all your life " actions speak louder then words" is so so hard to actually live life by. And I am the first to admit I haven't, but I am eyes open, heart open, willing and ready to do just that.
The unimaginable to us, is that that God only has to say is to be.

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